I just made an account, what should I do?

The purpose of this page is to provide a basic overview of Ashore’s functionality, and help you send proofs as soon as possible.

Thanks for trying out Ashore! We’re glad to have you, and we think you’re going to love our proofing tools! Below, we’ve listed some good principles for utilizing your Ashore account for the first time:

Complete Your Profile

Generally speaking, the first thing you should do is complete your profile and account information. Here’s more information on how to do that.

While you’re on the Profile page, I should point out that there’s a section labeled “Email Verification”. If you have a paid account, you can utilize this section to integrate your email. That way, emails sent from Ashore on your behalf will actually come from your email address. Here’s more information on that too.

Add an Approver

In Ashore, an Approver is anyone who is invited to review your proofs. These users are not given access to your account, and they are not given a username or password. We manage your approver’s settings centrally in Ashore, so you can update their information (such as name or email) and even set a reminder frequency.

You can create, edit and view all approvers in your account from the Approvers page. More on that here.

Create a Template

Typing the same email over and over again can be such a drag, especially if you’re generally saying the same thing each time you send a proof. In Ashore you can create email templates, which can be utilized whenever you create a Workflow or send a message to an approver in Ashore.

You can create, edit and view all templates in your account from the Automation page. Here’s how to do that.

Create a Workflow

Workflows allow you to create approval sequences and predefined approval stages. You can create workflows from the “Workflows” section on the Automation page and append them to your proofs at any time!

When you created your account, we gave you a sample workflow so you could see how it generally works. You know the drill.

Create a Proof

We just gave you four steps, but you really didn’t need to do any of them to actually send a proof. Creating and sending a proof in Ashore is super simple.

What is a proof in Ashore? Basically, it’s a file or collection of files that you are asking your approvers to review and approve. To create a proof, go to the Create Proof page from the top navigation. Instructions here.

When you create a proof, you are given a review link. Share this with anyone at any time, and we’ll append those users to the proof as new approvers. More on that.

You can also append a workflow to the proof, and automate your approval process.

Now that you’ve created a proof, you’ve learned the basic functionality of Ashore. Happy sailing!