How do I add an approver to a proof?

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate how to share a proof with an approver in order to get their feedback and approval.

You can add an approver to a proof using two methods: 1) share a review link, and 2) append a workflow to the proof.

Share a Review Link

When you create a proof, the first thing we do is show you the proof’s review link. If you missed the review link the first time, you can get it again from the Proof Timeline.

Share this review link with your approvers however you’d like — by email, by Slack, by snail mail, whatever!

When your approvers open the link, we’ll ask them to identify themselves by providing their name and email. If they are already an approver in your account, we’ll append your existing settings to them. If the approver is not already listed as an approver in your account, we’ll automatically add them and append your default proof settings.

Whenever an approver is appended to the proof using the review link, they’re automatically added to the current approval stage (you can see your approval stages on the Proof Timeline).

Once your approver has identified themselves, they’ll be able to review and make decisions on your proof.

Append a Workflow to a Proof

When you created the proof, you were given the option to add a workflow to it. If you didn’t append a workflow to the proof already, you can do it from the Proof Timeline by selecting the “Edit Workflow” button.

If you’re not familiar with our workflows already, a workflow allows you to create approval sequences and predefined approval stages. You can create workflows and append them to your proofs at any time! More on Workflows here.