What is a workflow?

The purpose of this page is to clarify the role and functionality of workflows in Ashore.

Workflows allow you to create approval sequences and predefined approval stages. You can create workflows here and append them to your proofs at any time!

You can access your workflow archive from the Automation page, under the section entitled “Workflows”

You can create a new workflow by selecting the button that says “Create Workflow” on the Automation page. Here’s how to create a workflow.

You can utilize a workflow anytime. After you initially create a proof on the Create Proof page, you’ll be given an option to add a workflow to the proof. From there, you’ll be able to select an existing workflow, or make a new workflow on the spot.

You can also append a workflow to a proof from the Proof Timeline page. From that page, select the “Edit Workflow” button.

When you append a workflow to a proof, you will have the option to edit the workflow before starting it. This will not effect the originally-created workflow.

Once you’ve started a workflow, Ashore will automatically send the proof to all approvers in the first approval stage. When all approvers in the stage have approved the proof, Ashore will automatically send the proof to the next approval stage, and so on.