How do I send a proof?

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate how a user creates and sends a proof in Ashore.

You can create a proof any time. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Create Proof page from the top navigation menu
  2. In the first field titled “Name Your Proof”, give your proof a name.
  3. In the filepicker section, upload files to your proof. A proof can have multiple files. Here’s a list of the file types we support. You can also use the “Capture Website” tab to input a website URL. Ashore will take a screenshot of that URL at popular breakpoints.
  4. Once you have added all of the files to the proof, scroll down to the “Proof Options” section. Here’s what each of the options in this section mean:
    1. Download Files: You can turn on/off the ability for approvers to download the files in a proof.
    2. Approve Individual Files: By default, Ashore will ask for one approval for all of the files in a proof. You can change this, and request that approvers individually approve each file in a proof. Here’s more information about this.
    3. View All Comments: When this toggle is on, your approvers will see a list of all approvers that are appended to the proof on their review screen. They’ll also be able to see all comments made on the proof by all approvers, and have the ability to respond to those comments.
    4. Approve with Changes: By default, Ashore allows approvers to “approve” or “not approve” the proof. This toggle will turn on a third button: “Approve with Changes”. When an approver selects this option, Ashore will treat the proof as approved and notify you that they would like to see changes.
    5. Proof Deadline: You can set a deadline on this proof. The deadline will be shown to the approver in emails, and you’ll also be able to sort proofs by deadline on the Proof Archive page.
    6. Add Tag to Proof: Tags allow you to categorize proofs into customizable groups, such as a project or a customer. Here, you can create a new tag, or use the autocomplete to pull up existing tags and associate the proof to the tag here.
  5. Select “Create Proof”

Once the proof is created, a modal will open with your new review link. You can now immediately share that proof link to begin getting your proofs reviewed, or you can append a workflow to the proof. Here is more information about those options.