Can my approvers approve one file and not others?

The purpose of this page is to clarify the flexibility you have in Ashore regarding how proofs and their files are approved.

When you create a proof in Ashore, you can upload multiple files to the proof. In most cases, you probably only need a single approval on the proof. But, there are some use cases where you may want to send multiple files and require approvers to approve each file individually.

When you create a proof, you can select the “Approve Individual Files” toggle from the “Proof Options” section. You can also access this option for created proofs from the Proof Timeline page.

When the “Approve Individual Files” is selected, approvers will be asked to select which files are approved when they select the “Approved” or “Not Approved” buttons on the review screen.

If the user does not approve all of the files in the proof, the entire proof will be marked as “Not Approved”.