What’s the best aspect ratio for my logo and profile photo?

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate how to take full advantage of Ashore’s white labeling functionality.

Paid subscriptions can utilize the white-labeling features in Ashore. Once you upload your company logo to the Account page, your logo will replace the Ashore logo on the review screens. The best pixel size for your logo is a horizontal format, at 350px by 150px. Here’s how to upload your logo.

The default email signature in Ashore contains a profile photo. When you upload your profile photo in Ashore, you’ll be asked to crop the photo to a square ratio. Once saved, Ashore will also resize the photo to 150px by 150px. This keeps the photo small enough to keep your Ashore emails from exploding. Here’s how to upload your profile photo.

If you create a custom email signature (here’s how to do that), you won’t need to worry about your profile photo.