What’s a non-approver?

The purpose of this page is to clarify the roles of non-approvers in a proof workflow.

If you’d like to see how non-approvers are used in a workflow, use this link.

A non-approver is another user on your Ashore account; you can add them to your proof workflow. When you start the workflow, the non-approver will receive the same updates on the status of the proof as the sender.

In order to become a non-approver on a proof, you must be an Ashore user. Approvers cannot be non-approvers, because the notifications lead users to login to Ashore (and approvers do not login to your Ashore account).

Here’s an example of why you might use a non-approver: if your manager wants to be privy to all activity in the approval stage, you can add them as a non-approver. They’ll receive all of the same notifications as you during that stage.