Zapier: Where to Find It & How to Use It

Connect with more than 2,000 web apps (like Asana, Gmail, Slack and so many others) and further streamline your proofing process using Zapier.

How to get started?
Once logged in to your Ashore account, navigate to your Account Settings page and select the “Zapier & API” tab. Select “Add Connection” and accept the invitation from Ashore to begin making zaps.

Once you’ve accepted the invitation, you can begin building zaps, using the latest version of Ashore.

How Our Users Streamline Their Proofing Process with Zapier:

  • When a proof is approved in Ashore, a task is automatically added in their Asana account.
  • When a note is added to a proof’s timeline in Ashore, an email is automatically sent to a sales rep via Gmail.
  • When a proof is approved in Ashore, a file is uploaded to a specific column in their Monday account.

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