What is the Purpose of the No-Reply Email?

The purpose of this page is to provide a better understanding of email usage in Ashore.

The Account Settings page allows you to manage details that apply to all users on your Ashore account. On this page, you’ll find a setting for your “No-Reply” email address. By default, this is set to no-reply@ashoreapp.com.

This no-reply email address applies to any email sent to Ashore users in your organization. An example of this would be notifications regarding approval decisions by your approvers, or a notification regarding another update in your account.

The “No-Reply” email address is also the fall-back email address for Ashore users who have not verified their personal email from the Profile page. If an Ashore user has not verified their email address and a proof is sent from them, the email will come from the email you have set for “No-Reply”. For more information on verifying your email address, take a look here.