My emails are not sending at all

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the troubleshooting steps you should take before reaching out to support regarding emails.

If you are noticing that you Ashore emails are not sending at all, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Check Your Proof Timeline

If you sent an email for a proof, check the Proof Timeline. There, we share the status of the email directly from Postmark, our email delivery service. If the status of the email is “delivered”, then there were no errors sending the message, and you should ask the recipient to check their spam. If you messages are hitting spam, please reach out to, so we can provide you with DKIM and SPF records for your DNS. Here’s more information on that.

If you do not see your email in your Proof Timeline at all, please proceed to step 2:

Step 2: Check for Broken Logic In Your Email Template

Ashore templates uses liquid syntax to allow you to insert variables into your proof. If you’ve ever used a variable in your email template such as {{ approverName }}, then you have already been acquainted when liquid syntax.

If your emails are not sending at all, and you are not seeing a record of those emails in your Proof Timeline, changes are there is an open “If Statement” in your email template.

For example, if your email template includes the if statement “{% if dueDate != ” %}” but does not include the end statement “{% endif %}”, the logic in your email has broken and the email will not be able to send. Once you complete the end statement, or remove the open if statement entirely, your email will be able to send again.