My approver’s timezone is wrong!

The purpose of this page is to clarify a change that was made recently in Ashore.

It’s important to know your approver’s timezone. If you have turned on automatic reminders for your approvers, you’ll want to be sure they’re receiving those reminders at the appropriate time for their area.

If you’ve looked at one of your approvers and noticed their timezone is set incorrectly, Ashore released an update (January 25, 2021) that will help quickly resolve the issue.

First, you can manually update the approver’s timezone from the Approver’s page (

Second, Ashore will automatically update the approver’s timezone appropriately when they open a proof review link. This will be based on the location they are opening the proof review link from.

Finally, you can also set proof defaults for approvers from your Profile page. This will append your selected timezone to an approver anytime you manually create one.

If your approver’s timezone is incorrect, there is a strong chance it will not be incorrect for long!