What does it mean when Ashore says my file is ‘Processing’

The purpose of this page is to provide a better understanding of file management in Ashore.

Ashore processes files for a variety of reasons. Below, we’ve explained those processes for various file types.


Unfortunately, web browsers do not always render PDFs properly on the web. All PDF files are composed of layers and it is common for web browsers to accidentally hide layers intermittently. Ashore ensures your PDFs always render correctly for your approvers by flattening the PDF after upload. This process is very similar to how a PDF is flatted, or rasterized, prior to printing.

When Ashore flattens your PDF, we are also rendering the flattened version at print quality. This ensures that your file is loaded fast, even if your approvers are proofing from mobile devices.

Here’s more information on our automatic rasterization process.

If you allow your approvers to download the PDF, they will download the original file.

Web & HTML

When you upload a HTML file or capture a web page, Ashore will take a screenshot of that experience at several different breakpoints, or media queries. Here’s more information on that. While Ashore is performing this process, you and your approvers may see that the file is “Processing”.

Please Note

Ashore will automatically reload the page you are viewing after the file has finished processing.