Do we have to keep paying for Ashore 2?

The purpose of this page is to clarify important questions for users who wish to migrate from Ashore 2 to Ashore 3.

If you are an Ashore 2 user, you can create a new account in Ashore 3 and try it out any time. Your new account in Ashore 3 will not interrupt, stop or otherwise cancel your Ashore 2 account, since Ashore 2 is a separate product on a different database and architecture.

Because they are two separate products, a subscription to Ashore 3 will not cancel your subscription to Ashore 2. You can cancel your Ashore 2 subscription anytime from the Account page. Canceling your Ashore 2 subscription will not delete any of your data, files or proofs. You can continue logging into Ashore 2 to view your account there at any time.

We are currently offering discounts to Ashore 2 customers who wish to migrate (please contact us here.).