What Are Custom Fields? 

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the purpose and usefulness of custom fields in Ashore.

Custom fields, also known as Properties, can be created and managed in Account Settings. Under the Properties tab, you’ll find a table with all active custom fields. 

There are several different types of custom fields. With these options, users are able to document information related to their proofs in a variety of different ways:

  • Single text field: allows users to enter a custom value, such as an order number or manager name. 
  • Datepicker: allows users to record dates other than a proof’s deadline, such as an internal review deadline or project start date. 
  • Dropdown Select: allows users to choose from several predetermined options, such as product type or store location. 
  • Checkboxes: allows users to select multiple options from a predetermined list, such as team members assigned to a project or printing requirements. 

Personal and Starter users have the ability to create one custom field of any type. Business and Business+ users have the ability to create unlimited custom fields. 

Custom fields can be utilized throughout your account. 

On the Create Proof page: You’ll find existing custom fields under Proof Settings under “Set Proof Deadline” and “Add Tags to Proof” fields. Here, a user uploading a proof can record the requested information. 

On the Proof Timeline page: In the sidebar, you’ll be able to view and edit responses for custom fields. 

On the Proofs page: You’ll be able to search and filter your proofs by custom fields by utilizing your preferences in the sidebar.