Can I transfer files from Ashore 2 to Ashore 3?

The purpose of this page is to clarify important questions for users who wish to migrate from Ashore 2 to Ashore 3.

Because Ashore 3 is built on a completely different architecture and database, it is not currently possible to transfer your data or files from Ashore 2 to Ashore 3. You can continue to access your account and manage your proofs in Ashore 2, and you can also create a new account in Ashore 3 at any time.

If you do not wish to migrate, and would like to continue using Ashore 2, we will continue hosting and operating Ashore 2. You will not lose access to your data or any of your proofs. You can also continue logging into Ashore 2 using the original URL ( You will be able to continue using Ashore 2 as it existed at the time of your purchase. We are not updating the pricing for Ashore 2 at this time. Our support team will also be available to answer any questions regarding Ashore 2, and also provide training on Ashore 2 as requested. Development support will be limited as our team continues to improve on Ashore 3.

If you are an Ashore 2 user, you can create a new account in Ashore 3 and try it out any time. Your new account in Ashore 3 will not interrupt, stop or otherwise cancel your Ashore 2 account, since Ashore 2 is a separate product on a different database and architecture. We are currently offering discounts to Ashore 2 customers who wish to migrate (please contact us here.).