Can I Change the Review Screen Theme?

This article explains how to change the review screen from the Modern or Minimal theme.  

Ashore has two review screen themes you can switch between: Minimal and Modern. 

Minimal is the legacy theme we built when Ashore was initially released. Modern is our latest iteration, which includes several improvements over it’s predecessor:

  • A beautiful overall new user experience
  • Cleaner comment threading
  • An easier method for switching files in a proof
  • The ability to zoom in and out easier
  • The ability to view file details, including the size of the file
  • All features from the original review screen theme, Minimal

It’s also important to know that all new features on our review screens will be released on the Modern theme.

If you want to switch your review screen theme, you must be a user with access to Account Settings. When confirmed, navigate to the Account Settings page. Select the Branding tab, and you’ll see an option for switching the review screen theme. Select your desired theme and click the Save button. This will immediately update the review screen theme for all existing and new proofs.