What is the Ashore Embed Script?

The purpose of this page is to clarify how Ashore handles live web proofing.

Ashore supports live web proofing by displaying your website within review screens and allowing users to add markups at various resolutions.

In order for Ashore to properly support live webpage proofing, a script must be placed on the webpage. Linked below is the code that should be inserted before the <body> tag on every page of the website that might be proofed:

<!-- Ashore Embed Code --> 
<script src="https://cdn.ashoreapp.com/scripts/live_web_proofing_script.js"></script>

This embed script is necessary for live web proofing as it helps Ashore understand important details concerning the webpage. These details include the height of the page and the URL. This also allows approvers to turn off “comment mode”, navigate to another webpage with the script, and then add additional comments there.

Ashore does not scrape any other data using this script.